Winter 2020

Week 8 stats have been posted.

HVDA summary of augmented DartConnect stats.
A Division     B Division       
Missing Matches
  • Week 2 - Sandbaggers vs Wire Tappin'
  • Week 4 - Jellied Donuts vs Hold My Beer
  • Week 5 - Scrappers vs Dexter Fire
  • Week 6 - Hold My Beer vs Scrappers

Final 2019 Fall League Stats

A Division      B Division       


Here's the link to this season's HVDA DartConnect stats.

Here's the link to a listing of all DartConnect leagues.

Winter 2020 Weekly Stats

Week A Division B Division
8 a b
7 a b
6 a b
5 a b
4 a b
3 a b



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Stat Sheet Definitions

01Th = overall '01 throws
01Ave = overall '01 average
Outs = overall outs
HiOut = overall high out
Ins = overall double ins
HiIn = overall high in
CrTh = overall cricket throws
CrAve = overall cricket average
CrPts = overall cricket points (1 pt for singles win, 1/2 pt for doubles)

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