Winter 2022 Schedule

Winter 2022 Schedule
Note - League Start Time Is 7 PM

Winter 2022 Schedule

A Division

1A - Can’t Hardly Playboys - Regal Beagle 2A - Beers Bourbon and Bulls - Whitmore Lanes 3A - Not #2 - Lodge Lanes 4A - No Hit Sherlock - Lodge Lanes 5A - Tons Of Bulls Hit - Ypsi Moose

B Division

1B - B-Dubs - Whitmore Lanes 2B - Scrappers - 8Ball Saloon 3B - Sandbaggers - Dexter Legion 4B - Dexter Fire - Dexter Legion 5B - Road Rash - Townies Brewery
NOTE - Start Time 7 P.M.
Home Team Is On The Left
Jan26 Feb02 Feb09 Feb16 Feb23 Mar02 ===== ===== ===== ===== ===== ===== 1A-2A 1A-3A 2A-3A 2A-4A 1A-4A 2A-1A 3A-4A 4A-5A 4A-BYE 3A-5A 3A-BYE 4A-3A 5A-BYE 2A-BYE 5A-1A 1A-BYE 5A-2A 5A-BYE 1B-2B 1B-3B 2B-3B 2B-4B 1B-4B 2B-1B 3B-4B 4B-5B 4B-BYE 3B-5B 3B-BYE 4B-3B 5B-BYE 2B-BYE 5B-1B 1B-BYE 5B-2B 5B-BYE Mar09 Mar16 Mar23 Mar30 Apr06 Apr13 ===== ===== ===== ===== ===== ===== 3A-1A 3A-2A 4A-2A 4A-1A Hi Lo Hi Lo 5A-4A 4A-BYE 5A-3A 3A-BYE Doubles Singles 2A-BYE 1A-5A 1A-BYE 2A-5A 3B-1B 3B-2B 4B-2B 4B-1B 5B-4B 4B-BYE 5B-3B 3B-BYE 2B-BYE 1B-5B 1B-BYE 2B-5B Updated: January 23rd

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