Winter League And Banquet Canceled

League play will resume in the fall. Check back here during the summer for further announcements.

Awards for Fall 2019 League will be presented at the Fall 2020 League sign-up meeting.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in the fall. Be Safe!

Questions? Send us an email message.

Winter 2020 Schedule

Winter 2020 Schedule

Winter 2020 Schedule

A Division

1A - Grotto Gangstas - Dexter Grotto 2A - Can't Hardly Playboys - Banfields 3A - Not #2 - Lodge Lanes 4A - Mad Hatters - Lodge Lanes 5A - Tons Of Bulls Hit - Ypsi Moose BYE - BYE

B Division

1B - Jellied Donuts - Banfields 2B - Scrappers - 8Ball Saloon 3B - B-Dubs - Dexter Legion 4B - Dexter Fire - Dexter Legion 5B - 2 In Red 1 In Black - McShanes 6B - Sandbaggers - Banfields 7B - Hold My Beer - Whitmore Lanes 8B - Wire Tappin' - Whitmore Golf Links
Home Team Is On The Left
Jan22 Jan29 Feb05 Feb12 Feb19 Feb26 Mar04 Mar11 Mar18 ===== ===== ===== ===== ===== ===== ===== ===== ===== 1A-2A 2A-5A 2A-3A 1A-4A 2A-4A 1A-3A 1A-4A 2A-1A 5A-2A 3A-BYE 4A-3A 4A-BYE 3A-5A 3A-1A 4A-5A 3A-2A 3A-BYE 3A-4A 5A-4A 1A-BYE 5A-1A 2A-BYE 5A-BYE 2A-BYE 5A-BYE 4A-5A 1A-BYE 1B-2B 2B-3B 2B-6B 1B-7B 2B-4B 1B-8B 1B-6B 2B-1B 3B-2B 3B-4B 4B-1B 4B-7B 3B-5B 3B-1B 4B-5B 3B-7B 4B-3B 1B-4B 5B-6B 6B-8B 5B-1B 6B-4B 5B-8B 6B-3B 5B-2B 6B-5B 8B-6B 8B-7B 7B-5B 8B-3B 8B-2B 7B-6B 7B-2B 8B-4B 7B-8B 5B-7B Mar25 Apr01 Apr08 Apr15 Apr22 Apr29 May06 May13 May20 ===== ===== ===== ===== ===== ===== ===== ===== ===== 3A-2A 4A-1A 4A-2A 2A-4A 2A-5A 1A-2A Hi/Lo Hi&Lo Banquet 4A-BYE 5A-3A 1A-3A 3A-BYE 4A-3A 3A-5A Doubles Singles 1A-5A 2A-BYE 5A-BYE 5A-1A 1A-BYE 4A-BYE 6B-2B 7B-1B 4B-2B 8B-1B 6B-1B Pos 7B-4B 5B-3B 1B-3B 5B-4B 7B-3B Night 1B-5B 4B-6B 8B-5B 3B-6B 2B-5B 3B-8B 2B-8B 6B-7B 2B-7B 4B-8B Updated: January 13th

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