The HVDA uses DartConnect for league scoring.

DartConnect is a web-based application that runs on tablets, allowing tablets to replace chalkboards and paper sheets.  Other leagues that use DartConnect praise its value.

Here's more information on how to setup and use DartConnect for league play.

Note To Captains


Here are the implications of using DartConnect.

  • Team roster submission must include player names AND email addresses.  Each player will need to confirm their email address with DartConnect.
  • We're asking each team to provide a suitable tablet - preferably 9 inches or larger.  The DartConnect scoring app needs to be installed on the tablet.
  • Before each match, run DartConnect to get any league/division/team updates.
  • After each match, reconnect to the internet and run DartConnect which will upload match data.

NOTE - DartConnect doesn't need to be connected to the internet during the match.  However, if the tablet has an internet connection during the match, the data is sent in real-time which allows for instant updates.



Please send any questions you may have to HuronValleyDarts@gmail.com.

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